Conversion-Boosting Benefits of Video Marketing

If you’re not using online video for your business, you’re missing out.

Videos accounted for more than half of all mobile data traffic and while people are watching much less TV, video’s popularity continues to rise.

That’s why it makes sense to include video on your site. Here are 6 ways that using video boosts conversions, with the stats to back them up.

1. More Attention, More Conversions

One of the main advantages of using video on your website is that they’re real attention getters.

We’re not advocating those autoplay videos everybody finds annoying (are you listening, Facebook?) Instead, it’s about having video available for viewing on your site that help your target audience answer specific questions.

More sites are using video to explain their business, products, and services and there’s a scientific basis for doing this.

It’s all about psychology. Videos incorporate four elements that human beings are wired to pay attention to—we just can’t help ourselves! The four areas are:

  • faces
  • voices
  • body language
  • movement

You can bet that in earliest times, humans used these cues to separate friends from foes, so it’s part of our DNA. It’s the reason we can hear someone talking about us across a crowded room.

There’s sound data to back this up. A study of online fashion retailers showed that those using video on product pages saw a 134% boost in conversions while an A/B test of a fitness product sales page saw a 46% uplift in clickthroughs to the purchase page when the sales page included a video. Stats on retail sales provide even more evidence that when you use video, you tap into these primal cues to keep people looking a little bit longer.

This also ties in with the second reason that videos can boost conversions: getting attention and passing the blink test.

2. Getting Beyond the First Blink

We already know that Web attention spans are short. It’s a case of “blink and you’ll miss it” says a study by Anagard, which shows that people normally stay on your site for six seconds or less before making the decision to stay (just a bit longer than the average blink, if you’re interested).

If people don’t look, your site can’t convert, so anything that makes them look longer will help with conversions. That’s exactly what video does.

Post a video on your homepage or landing page and a people who won’t read a long article will watch it. This can have a very real impact on reducing your site’s bounce rate.

Statistics show that web users viewing video stay two minutes longer and are 64% more likely to buy something. That’s enough of a reason to use video and explains why landing page videos get such great results.

3. May I Help You?

Video also boosts conversions by answering viewers’ questions.

Most people have the same basic questions before any purchase decision. They want to know whether a product or service will serve their needs and why they should trust the seller. Using video to answer these questions, as well as educating about your services, can improve conversions considerably.

Zappos has been doing this for years, using real people (their employees) to showcase their products. The videos have improved sales by up to 30%.

There are other statistics to back this up. A study from Invodo shows that people expect videos to be part of their shopping experience. Around 60% watch product videos when they find them on websites, spending up to 3 minutes in doing so. (That’s a heck of a lot better than 6 seconds, isn’t it?) And mobile video viewers often return to videos multiple times, giving you more chances to make a sale.

Add to that the fact that mobile device users are quicker to make a purchase decision than desktop browsers and that’s another reason to use video.

4. What’s Your Story?

We know that telling stories is the best way to connect with clients, so it’s no surprise that using video to tell your story really works.

Using video to show visitors the value of your services can boost conversions by as much as 20% according to data published on Unbounce.

Excellent examples of brand storytelling can really get people interested. Experiment with telling the story of your company.

5. The Trust Factor

Coming full circle, the fact that people relate better to video images can help you build authority and trust in a long-term approach to improving conversions.

Statistics from Reel SEO have shown conversion rate increases of between 27 and 46% for those using video on product pages. The strange thing is that simply having the video available helps build trust—the study showed that those figures applied even if people did not watch the video

And some companies have built authority and visibility by posting videos discussing positively how their products and services compare with those of their competitors.

As we have seen, using video on your site can help you:

  • win attention
  • provide information for viewers
  • tell your story
  • build authority
  • reduce bounce rates
  • increase search engine rankings
  • increase the reach of your social media presence

Any of those will help to convert prospects into customers. Achieve all, and you’ll take your business to new heights.

Just give us a call or click here to shoot us an email – we’ll provide you with the requested information and take it from there.

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