Why Financial Advisors Need a Multimedia Marketing Agency on Retainer

Your job is to protect people’s money.  Can we agree on that? It’s impossible to expect financial advisors to wear all the hats they’re already supposed to wear, and then somehow jump on the Web 2.0 wagon and also become a marketing director/photographer/videographer/graphic designer overnight.

So this has been our experience: clients will come to us and tell us they want a marketing video for their practice. Pretty photos of the whole team, footage of people in action, matching music that “really makes you think”, and a script that is so well written you’ll question your career path. Your taste is impeccable, I might add.  We get it.

THEN… we shoot, edit, polish and produce 5 different types of media to your precise specifications. It’s shown to everyone in the organization for input. We go through 17 revisions because Molly doesn’t like the cardigan she wore during the shoot. It ends up on your YouTube channel. It gets published in all external (and internal while you’re at it) communications.

It only has 6 huge problems that you probably won’t admit to yourself (no one’s mother thought they were an ugly baby).

  1. It contains too much information, so the message is obscured.
  2. It doesn’t have ‘flow’ because 4 different people were in on the editing process.
  3. You’ve completely broken every rule of cinematography (because you were blissfully unaware of them)
  4. People don’t remember it because there was no story – just information.
  5. You’re out of budget to produce anything additional.
  6. It’s stale – already.

Am I right? Of course I am… on at least 3 out of 6. So here’s how to fix that.

Your video contains too much information, and so the message is obscured. Get to the point, and go for the jugular. No one cares about the many credential letters after your name. That might sound awful, but it’s true. People want to know how you can help them improve their lives. Pick ONE of your clients and tell us how you helped them. This makes for a more memorable video.

Your videos don’t have ‘flow’ because 4 different people were in on the editing process. Trust the person writing the script. We don’t care if it’s you or us, but ideally, it should be someone who other people have told they could write.

You’ve completely broken every rule of cinematography. Trust your producer. If you don’t know the difference between a trucking shot and a tracking shot, or if you don’t immediately listen for acoustics when you enter a room – trust someone else who does.

People don’t remember your videos because there was no story – just information. Stop trying to win the information Olympics with your video. That’s what websites are for. Stories are selling anything you’d like to convey.

You’re out of budget to produce anything additional. Think of your relationship with your multimedia production company as a long-term boyfriend/girlfriend, not an intense one-night stand where someone inevitably does a walk of shame (assuming you both have some). This doesn’t mean tripling your “budget.” It means getting lots of bang per buck and telling as many different stories in as many mediums as possible. This will help you succeed online.

It’s stale – already. Don’t be a one-act show. Use your multimedia producers like a bicycle. Use them ’til the wheels fall off. There are 50 weeks in a year, so think of 50 short educational video ideas that will turn your YouTube channel into a marketing engine that powers fantastic blog posts/Facebook links/tweets/podcasts.

People want to know the great stuff your organization is doing, so tell them on a platform where they can digest and share easily. How many times have you lent a book to someone only to ask 6 months later what they thought about it? They didn’t read it (Sorry, but they lied if they told you they did. They’re not bad friends, they just have other stuff going on.). But how many of your friends watched that 3-minute YouTube clip about the guy with the piglet that jumps on the trampoline… They all did (except the ones that don’t have a soul – just guessing).

Contact us now to let us help you tell great stories. Just give us a call or click here to shoot us an email – we’ll provide you with the requested information and take it from there.

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