Why should I be doing online Video Marketing? Does it really work?

YES, online video marketing works.  Yes, you should be doing it – especially if you don’t already have video content on your website.

YouTube is now the second largest internet search engine. People are looking for information, and they’re looking for it in easy to consume video format.

The first question consumers ask of an expert is not where you got your masters degree, or where you went to law school,  or how many years you’ve been practicing, or how many professional licenses you hold.

Consumers want to know: Can you help me? Can you solve my problem?

Internet Video Marketing helps you to get your message and information in front of your target audience. People are looking for information on the internet at the exact time when they need to learn about a subject. when they want to be educated.

Today’s consumers today don’t fall for advertising and false promises. Statistics show that buyers today are already 60% through the purchase cycle – research, reviews, comparisons – before they contact a professional. Most of this research takes place online. They are looking for proof that a professional has knowledge of the specific topic they’re interested in.

So SHOW what’s in your tool box! GIVE your potential clients the information they need to make an informed decision. TELL them, what sets you apart from you competitors.

CONTACT us today, to start your VIDEO MARKETING strategy. Just give us a call or click here to shoot us an email – we’ll provide you with the requested information and take it from there.

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